Friday, December 07, 2012

Daniel Morcombe

Image : Adelaide Now

Australia has done what it does really well. It has stopped today and rallied around Daniel Morcombe's family. He went missing 9 years ago on December 7th and is now laid to rest on December 7th. ABC News 24 broadcast the public part of the funeral for those who wished to be there but who were not living in Queensland. You know, it is so much better to be standing in line to offer some care and hope to a family which has suffered so much than to be standing in line for the latest iPhone 5. Queuing to help humanity. The red is for the colour of the T Shirt he went missing in. Maybe the funeral would have been earlier had authorities not quibbled as to who would release the remains. They were only discovered recently so for all these 9 years Daniel's parents had no idea where he was. His twin brother Bradley was so shaken at the funeral. You could see it. He managed to play his part to get Daniel to the hearse but you could see the awful strain it was for him. We have all wondered why you would murder a little boy like that. How do you get such a thought in your head? We have felt for the parents as they have waited and waited and waited. Today the media have treated them with such care and honour. The SES attended, his school did a wonderful job of showing consideration and thought for him. Then there were thousands of Queenslanders who stood by and lent their strength to those mostly deeply hurt by this. It was a very touching and dignified event which was managed extremely well. Something to be proud of. The respect for Daniel has been enormous. It was obviously meant to be. He was meant to wait until this anniversary. His spirit is strong  and has shone all these years and will live on with the Daniel Morcombe Foundation.

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