Monday, October 01, 2012

Proud to be Australian

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We don't seem to have enough crevices to stuff the creepie crawlies into so we have had a change of plan and we are meeting them head on. We have drawn our line in the sand and this long weekend is a turning point in Australian history. We are not going to put up with it. We are going to have standards. We are going to give a damn and we are going to ensure 2012 means we will have equity. This long weekend brought the most horrendous triad of events into collision. The difference is we have taken the body blows and stood united to confront the awful human beings who share our space. We will no longer tolerate it and we know they are the minority. This weekend we have linked arms and hands across the country in a uniting gesture. In Adelaide yesterday on Rundle Mall someone was stabbed just after lunch. People chased the offender and helped to catch him. It is probably as a result of SAPOL coming onto Facebook. They have kept us informed and they have allowed us to know what is going on. It has developed a sense of community and so when the stabbing occurred there were those brave enough to make a stand and not let him get away with it. In Melbourne there was a massively impressive rally in support of Jill Meagher's husband and her family. It was one of the most impressive events I have seen in Australia. The dignity of it was tangible. It was to show we all cared. It was to show Melbourne cared and would represent the rest of us. It was a way of showing her family that we can stand together to try to ease their pain. We know we cannot help. We know we can say nothing. We know there are no words – but a sea of quiet and caring people is really something to behold. Then there was Alan Jones and his cruel , senseless comments about Julia Gillard's father who has recently passed away. His comments have not rendered us speechless. They have made us not want to have anyone with that amount of venom in the public arena, in the media nor connected to our companies . We don't want to be associated with him. So yes, we have matured as a nation and we have drawn that line in the sand. It has made me feel very proud to be Australian this weekend.  

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