Sunday, September 09, 2012

Walking the dog

I confess I don't take my new dog walking rain or hail but I do do shine very well. This is one dog who really likes to walk. The last 2 were not at all keen but would play. The one before that was a beach dog and my first dog used to take herself for a walk . Such an escape artist! This new dog comes from the RSPCA like my last 2 and it is important for her to go walking. She needs to reacquaint herself with the nice life and the sights and sounds of the suburbs. I am grateful the RSPCA volunteers do such a good job of training the dogs to leash and walk. We have had a few issues to deal with so the daily walks, now it is sunny, are important for steadying her. She loves walking. As you can see , she waited patiently as I took the photos so we are coming along nicely. The good thing about here is so many people are now out with their dogs on a leash. Everyday you see quite a few dogs and their owners going for a nice walk to the shop or the park or like me, just a walk. It has been one of the really good changes in our neighbourhood. it means the dogs are happy and you can see that  and the owners are getting some fresh air and exercise. Our unspoken  practice, should we see another owner and dog, has been for one of us to go on the other side of the road or down a side street out of the way so there is no chance of the dogs having a tangle. If people know their dogs know another dog then they often stop and chat. Walking the dog has become a really positive activity and has made for a happier neighbourhood.

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