Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beware the Adelaide Driver's Licence Dragon

Okay, so I have been on a J learning curve today.

1. No one is going to tell me anything anymore
2. No one is going to remind me any more
3. EzyReg is for licences as well as registration even though it's called EzyReg
4. There is either a massive fine attached or a stern letter with clear instructions which will create chaos if you fall foul of the new procedure which you don't know.
5. Sucked in South Australia.

I had a horrible day. I got a "reminder" letter to say my licence had expired and I had to cease driving until I had been to a suitable service provider. The letter did not tell me where. My licence comes up every 10 years and last time I did it at the local post office and thought they had made a great improvement by allowing that. Today I felt sick. I don't have overdue bills. I don't let things run out and ,as Pats would say ,I am so anally retentive I could suck up the furniture. So I was hurt by this letter. I had not had any indication my licence was out of date. I had had no renewal notice.  Colleagues now assure me this is par for the course in SA. We are being trapped if we don't keep tabs on licences and registration. Bang,bang, you're gone. What a sick system. Luckily ,I don't work full time. Luckily, I have no children to take to school anymore. Luckily , I had no one in hospital or care which is often the case. I am horrified there was no renewal notice sent to me. Luckily, I have the internet too because I went onto the motor registration site and found out what to do and it said clearly what to do if I hadn't received the papers. Odd. Luckily, again, I live near the Motor Registration ... so off I went pronto. To be honest, there was a 360 degree turn around from that foul letter. The people at the Motor Registration were really pleasant, really helpful, very efficient and did much to soothe the shock of an expired licence. I cannot praise their competence enough. It was such a positive experience.

So,can you please get the word out to everyone to check the expiry date on their driver's licence?

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