Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Carbon Pricing Australia

It's right and proper we should discuss carbon pricing and all its implications, but let's not ruin a good story with the facts, heh? If the pricing is rolled back, then the companies which are currently signed off on agreements to get the compensation will STILL get the compensation. We won't. People keep getting confused but carbon pricing is the fore runner of a carbon emissions trading scheme. It's explained quite well here. It's about changing behaviour so people and industry do not produce excessive amounts of carbon and so they think before they act and therefore prevent damage the environment. The compensations are there to smooth the way for behaviour change. Emissions trading  gives polluters an  encouragement to change  their behaviour and have reasons for doing so which can be passed down through the company/household. Carbon pricing is discussed in Wikipedia so you can look at the economic pros and cons as well as the environmental ones. The world market is set up for carbon pricing. Countries which are participating are here. We seem to be fixated on who else is doing it instead of looking at the value of the practice in terms of economic and environmental management. The Environmental and Heritage site explains what is useful in terms of carbon pricing and why and shows how we are set up to monitor polluters. NOVA also lists a number of useful resources in relation to the carbon pricing. The information is there and is well explained. We can do this as we did the GST and Medicare. The constant skewing and poor reporting is creating a muddy picture. The country is doing quite well by global standards on carbon offset but we need to keep up with emissions trading and know what that means. As a householder there are some changes to make and credits to claim. I have just claimed mine from my gas company. We will adapt and we need to because this all has to mesh with our renewable energy targets and that seems to have been forgotten too. Carbon pricing is only part of the picture and the picture needs to be drawn more clearly. We have to move into the 21st century and switch away from fossil fuels. At some stage we shall be producing clean energy and running on it 100%. Cold fusion will probably take over when they have sorted that out but we are not yet there. 

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