Friday, June 01, 2012

Scary blackout

That was the scariest blackout ever. I have been through a few and normally the power just shuts off - bang. No more power. Tonight I had some lights working, some lights fading if I put them on, some lights not working.TV still had power. My cordless phone was making eerie noises and I had to turn it off. My radio clock kept coming on and the dial was sometimes lit up and sometimes not. The fish tank pump was winding down and sounding tired. My air conditioner lights were lighting up - red light, green light, two green lights, one red light. The microwave was going on and off. The neighbours' lights were on on one side but they have solar power. The lights across the road were on. The other neighbour had no lights. I went to my neighbour's and they didn't answer probably because they thought I was a cold caller and we have had a gut full of those. I walked down the street and all the houses were dark on my side. I got back home and the lights went out on the other side and everything was off in my house. A proper blackout. I couldn't believe how some things were working and some not and how lights would dim and air conditioner lights would twinkle.  Radios coming on and off are really spooky, but I guess it was the battery back up. Only trouble was it wouldn't turn off! An alien invasion, for sure!

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