Monday, June 18, 2012

JH Cruze CDX 2011

Do I like my new Cruze? Indeed I do. I knew I was getting a new car this year but didn't realise it would be last Friday! I traded in my 2006 Astra CDX hatchback which I have loved and has proven to be very reliable. Can't beat that Opel engine. Not even with a new Cruze. So, it's 2011 and first registered this year and owned previously by Holden. I am doing my bit for the car market . Everyone comments on 3 things when they first get in it - the spaciousness, the sun roof and the front seat warming feature. The sound system is  really good and I can use the radio, the CD player and my iPod Touch. It is a very comfortable car with good visibility and a pleasure to drive. It doesn't appear to be as good on steep hills as my Astra but that might be my driving a new car which needs to settle in. The Astra used to bolt up the steep hills. Cruising the Cruze is really at home and happy. It has rear sensors which have been helpful and reverse has a lift feature which stops you putting it in reverse accidently and then lets you know when it is in reverse. It's a safety conscious car , handles well and  just has that wow factor.

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