Friday, June 08, 2012

dear eleanor

Dear Eleanor is a webzine designed to celebrate Adelaide and South Australia. It does in very well and in a typical South Australian way where it uses what is available to promote itself but is not pushy at all. It is well thought out , well crafted and really does look at Adelaide and South Australia in a way which promotes what we should be promoting. A lot of good stuff goes on here but too often we either take it for granted or we get intimidated by the other states. I think we have reached the point of being undermined all the time. We know who we are and what we are worth and we know we have so much which is worthy here. So dear eleanor celebrates the good stuff as does local and regional radio. More and more our radio stations are attracting us by celebrating the achievements of the local community. We are drawn in because it is us. Local radio is doing much to examine our local issues in a thorough and sometimes funny and surprising way - like going up in a crane on the RAH building site but that morning we also heard from people who were in charge of the building works. That is good radio. We can hear first hand what is going on around us and get a deeper understanding - actually feel a part of a changing and growing community. Dear eleanor then brings us the things and people to notice and celebrate.

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