Monday, May 21, 2012

South Australia boring?

"(It) means to everybody from overseas the whole of the south of Australia. And the initials SA mean South Africa to most other people in the world."

So, South Australia is boring is it? No one can understand what it means?  Google found it first up and had a wealth of the right images. It does come up with South Africa if you search for a map of SA.   That is cultural bias. South Africa is ZA, anyway. South Australia is South Australia. It is a state and if others think it is the whole of the south of Australia then they need some lessons in geography. This is supposedly why we have education - to fill in the learning gaps. England is the land of the Angles. Scotland is the land of the Scots. France is the land of the Franks. Paris is where the Parisi tribe settled. Netherlands means low lands. South Africa is the south of Africa. Newfoundland? Iceland? Greenland? Ah yes, indeed, everywhere else has really inspiring names. It's not the name - it's the attitude and this article about sums up the attitude. We have key people who don't believe in us and don't think we can be found on a map nor that you can show people a map of South Australia and teach them something. I , too, have been in places where they have never heard of Adelaide or South Australia. By the time you have gone through the comparisons with Sydney and Melbourne, by the time you tell them we are 2000 km from Sydney and and hour and a half in the plane from Melbourne...that if you look straight up there is West Papua (Irian Jaya). I take pictures of Adelaide and SA and they get it. We talk about it.I believe I live in South Australia and that it is a real place. Others obviously don't.

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