Saturday, May 26, 2012


Image : Hugo

No spoilers here!

We watched this as a family this afternoon over a nice lunch. It was perfect for the cold weather we are having and for creating a nice atmosphere and a bit of togetherness. We all loved it and felt like we had had a special experience the likes of which only a good film can deliver. Martin Scorsese is known as a highly competent director with a skill and vision lacking in others. This film succeeds so well since it is executed meticulously. The attention to visual, set and character detail is what puts it into a cut above the rest. From the moment it starts you can see the shots are composed carefully and with artistic flair. The subtext of the film unites its various elements very successfully and in the end you realise you do have a right to dream. Everyone has a right to dream and that films can be the very vehicle which ignites your imagination.

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