Friday, April 13, 2012

Christine Milne new Green's Leader

Christine Milne is the new Green's leader because the longstanding leader Bob Brown  has retired. It was such a surprise to see her talking on Capital Hill tonight because I had no idea the Greens had changed leader. I started listening and then I started listening some more and then I started listening intently. I don't know her so this was our first meeting. If first impressions count then I was well pleased. She was well prepared. She was very clear and direct. She had an agenda which she could articulate so I knew what she was on about. She had done her homework and knew what she was talking about. Above all she was calm, confident and able to be clear about what the Greens stood for and that she would be discussing that more . It was time to change. Bob Brown has given a lot to our country and our  political parties by way of some essential environmental awareness and reform in particular. He did stand for something. He lost his clarity around 2004 with the tsunami . He used to be a master of timing but he got that one wrong really. Not in essence but in timing. He then revamped himself but his message was no longer really clear. As a result the Greens' issues have slid into the background and that is something we cannot afford to happen. My impression tonight was that Christine Milne would get the party onto a good track and then give us back the strength of a party which really cares about our living conditions, sustainability, and environment. The quality of where we live is as important as how we live and what we do to live. I wish her well and look forward to hearing more of her.

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