Saturday, April 21, 2012

Anders Behring Breivik

So pleased to hear Anders Breivik thinks of himself as likeable. Others will find it difficult to arrive at that conclusion. My concern is still the concern I had about him when I blogged about him when he had killed 77 countrymen. He is devoid of emotion, thinks analytically, coldly and cruelly and knows a great deal of detail . He is meticulous on the detail. So I am concerned about what it is he has in his mind, on his mind and in mind. I don't believe for a moment he has stopped his thinking and planning and the court case would probably appeal to him as a high level intellectual exercise whereby he could pit his wits against some of the best in his country and achieve his desired outcome. What is that? What I said in my previous post - not to be dead.  He thinks he is magnanimous for sparing life and yet every attack he made was deadly accurate. He is described as an islamophobe and yet he has killed 77 of his own county men and threatened a number of others. He thinks he is generous if he gives families an opportunity to leave the court because he will only be telling the truth. Everyone in his presence is under threat and no wonder that woman wanted to go home and go to the beach and just scream. She knows how much of a mind game this all is and that is how minds react when they are messed with. They want to scream. I'd say he'd far prefer psychiatric care. It would enable him more freedom to explore his thinking than a prison. This case is deeply concerning because he has only done things to hurt his own people and mostly the young and defencelessness at that. The cause he espoused and continues to espouse is harming his own people. I admire Norway for trying to deal with someone like Anders Breivik. I admire how they have tried to be so fair, humane and respectful. I hope they will work out what is in his mind and that they will have the immense courage they will need to defend themselves psychologically against him. They need to  and they must . I suspect the whole world is on their side trying to think with them.

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