Sunday, March 25, 2012

Queensland votes

Image: Duckpond

Duckpond has a good run down on the situation so far in Queensland. Queensland does have a situation, that's for sure, and we'll sit back and watch it play out. Anna Bligh has done the right thing by pulling out. She has worked non stop for the state, she has put in hours and hours of her time and her skills are extremely high level. She really is not valued and thinks this is all her fault. She is right to walk away and to stop any further besmirching of her capabilities and the incredible effort she has put in.. I guess Queensland might feel better now it has a proper man doing the job. The representation of women has now fallen to around 20% so that is a pretty clear indication of what they think of women politicians and the right of girls and women to participate in the democracy which has  been lauded all week. On the good side, I thought it was a very civilised affair and the commentary on ABC24 was very sane and informative too. Queensland now has a government which is probably 78 LNP seats out of 89 and so there is effectively no opposition. The LNP has a leader with no parliamentary experience and it has quite a few new parliamentary members with no parliamentary experience and the number of women representatives is considerably down. Nearly 12% of the vote went to Bob Katter's newly formed parted and the Greens don't appear to have a seat so there will be no  discrete environmental representation. So the message is  - we don't want Labour, we don't particularly want women, we don't want Greens and we don't want experienced politicians. We want a lot of new people and the  only party we want to run the state is the LNP and yet the LNP doesn't have 50% of the vote. It might make it to 50 but even so this is a very strange picture. So, we'll sit and watch, shall we?

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