Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bob Carr our new foreign minister

Photo: Daily Telegraph

Bob Carr has now been sworn in as our new foreign minister in the cabinet reshuffle. He was premier of New South Wales and has been high profile and successful for a long time. He is not everyone's cup of tea but I like him for lending some colour to our landscape - as you can see from his sartorial splendour left. I must say I like our politicians in Canberra dressing up and showing some real pride in being leaders of our country. They are in high profile, very responsible positions so it would be a great way to give some of our hard working designers and fashion industry a bit of a lift. Besides, it lends some style to what ought to be a job which engenders dignity and inspiration. Enough of the fashion stakes. What about our new foreign minister? He is a strong speaker, a good thinker, a person who will take the time to explain his point of view and who can argue strongly for and against an issue or speaker. He is well versed in public speaking and it shows. He has a real degree of comfort when he speaks and he can use his humour well because he is in command of what he says. As such I see him as an asset on the international front but I am wondering what the rest of the world will think of him. He is not quietly diplomatic like Kevin Rudd. He is clear in his speech and uses evidence to back up what he is saying. He chose to retire as premier of New South Wales. He was a premier I got to know really well through the media because he spoke up strongly for his state and on issues which were of importance to us. He doesn't expect you to agree all the time because he knows you can offer another and just as valid point of view. His strong personality will serve him well in his new position but his way of straight talking might come as a surprise to some. It's his way of saying things which I like. He comes out with some classic lines and so it's a refreshing change from the bureaucratic yadda yadda or the pat statements or the jingoistic approach to politics. It's the sort of change we need so that we realise we can argue strongly  and we don't always have to agree. It will mean we have had a really well thought out debate.

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