Monday, March 12, 2012

Adelaide's smoking!

The weather in Adelaide is just superb at the moment so we are making the most of it. March is a busy month with festivals, music events, the Clipsal 500. There is plenty for people to enjoy. We weren't planning on the second hand blanket of smoke from the Victorian burn off yesterday, though. I could see it all over the hills and my friend who visited from Clarendon said it was creating low visibility on the road. They could have told us! I was on the net early and there was no sign of us being the recipients of the Victorian back burning. No warning at all. Just wheezing and breathing difficulties, sore eyes and then the constant smell of smoke. We doubted it was us because, as you can see, Adelaide is very green and lush for this time of year. Doesn't mean we can't have bush fires, though. So we were wondering. I think we just thought someone might have let us know in advance. We worked it out for ourselves and carried on regardless. My street has been very relaxed this long weekend. Some have taken the opportunity to have a garage sale, some have fixed fences or gardened, some have been off playing water sports and the feel of my street has been very neighbourly and friendly. The warm weather has got us out into our gardens and it has made for a nice, safe atmosphere.People make a difference. I , too , have used the time to clear clutter and liven my home and garden up a bit. It's amazing what some pleasant weather does to lift the spirits - Victorian smoke or not.

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