Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Spindle Cell Tumour in Dogs

My dog has just come back from a day of blood tests at the vet. You can clearly see the spindle cell tumour in this photo. She has had it for two and a half years now. When it was first operated it stayed down for a year. I am blogging about it because if you click on the link you will get  the links to all my other posts. If you are here it is probably because you have a dog with a spindle cell tumour. They are nasty but my dog has lived happily for two and a half years and the good vetinary care and some googling on my part have enabled her to be a normal , happy dog. She literally takes it in her stride. She was at the vet today to have the blood tests to see if she really does have Cushings disease as I blogged about in my last post. It could be caused by the cortisone and it could be that she has developed it as an older dog.Recently she has had trouble getting out the back. She can no longer go up and down the steps and she has trouble getting up the ramp. She does it though. The heat made her breathe hard and we need to know what is going on so she can be helped. The bare skin on her leg next to the lump is from where she had her anaesthetic for her dentistry! She is even famous and on the vet website. She was glad to get home today but they had taken great care of her and said she had spent a quiet day, as she does these days. The lump has ballooned a bit because she needs the cortisone to keep it down but had to come off the cortisone for a few days so the tests could be done properly. It is a big balancing act. She'll lie quietly these days and then amble around the back garden. Her spirit is very strong and at peace but her energy levels are quite low...but then she is eleven and a half, likes to take an interest in things but is content to mosey along!

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