Sunday, January 08, 2012

Potato Power

Personally I wouldn't go past local potatoes. I even grow a few of my own because fresh potatoes have a taste and class of their own. So I feel for our potato growers. The article articulates the situation well and in a well thought out manner. People do look at price and convenience and tend to think a bag of frozen chips will be easier to manage than real potatoes. It's not true and it means we probably have to do a bit of customer awareness and education. If I use potatoes out of my garden people  always notice. They taste really nice. I don't get many so they are usually put into a potato salad or cooked with other vegetables. I buy potaoes by the bag and make my own oven fries, oven wedges, roast potatoes and the French certainly have plenty of recipes for potatoes which are actually quick and easy. Layering potatoes with other things like onion and a bit of bacon makes for a quick, easy treat. I also make potato pancakes which are a huge hit and people always are asking me to make more. So it's a matter of getting the information out about how to easily prepare real potatoes. There is quite a variety in Adelaide and it is good to try them. My favourites at the moment are the white ones with the little purple spots. They have a name which I never remember. I also give my dog some cooked potato on a regualr basis. I chop and microwave them. They are for her potassium levels which she needs. She loves them mixed in with her dinner. Now we have the information,  we need the action. The newspaper article did a good job of drawing attention to the situation and everyone was talking about give us a plan. Let us help!

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