Saturday, December 24, 2011

Adelaide Christmas

Adelaide is getting ready for Christmas in a very relaxed style this year. Oh yes, the shops and post offices are busy. There are queues and you have to wait, but people are relaxed. Some are still taking their perpetual misery everywhere with them, but shop assistants and customers are generally very ahppy and cheerful. It is not easy on the retail personnel. One day companies will work out that cutting staff means cutting business. Staff hold a business together. Understaffing puts pressure on good staff who then become overly stressed and maybe even break down. Don't worry , we have noticed. We are doing our bit to help retail personnel hold it together. We have prepared at a leisurely pace. We are shopping but not over shopping. We are getting in supplies but not over supplies. We have reached a reasonably balanced approach to Christmas. Retailers have done well. Their food and gift offerings have been perfect no matter what end of the market you are shopping at. There are good things to buy, the food is good quality and interesting and the gifts to choose from have made us spoiled for choice this year. Adelaide has been doing Christmas well. Some have already started with their festive celebrations and some of us are waiting to kick it all off this evening. I have been really pleased with all the recipes which have been made available to me in the shops and the ones I have selected and tried have all worked well. I am not anywhere else , so I cannot speak for other places, but I think Adelaide can be well pleased with its Christmas this year.

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