Friday, October 14, 2011

Breakfast at Rigoni's

Considering we had been plunged back into winter again today in Adelaide, then the decision to breakfast at Rigoni's came into its own. It has a warm, friendly and pleasantly polite atmosphere and the food is beautifully cooked and created. So much thought and care goes into each meal. The coffee is superb. Best coffee anywhere. They have the European habit of serving water with a meal as a matter of course and I really appreciate that. Their service is understated but very efficient. They make you instantly at home and welcome. So a big breakfast at Rigoni's went down very well this morning. All the taste sensations made it less that ordinary and I haven't had to eat since! I have been there for lunch and their lunch menu is varied, interesting and very satisfying. Lunch time can get quite loud  because everyone is so happy. Happy Adelaide tends to be loud. Breakfast is animated but not loud, so just the thing for a rainy , horrible day and it certainly is a good start to a big shop. Rigoni's is one of the places which is taking Leigh Street to a new level. All the places along Leigh Street have lifted their game and it is starting to become a really civilised, amicable, social area and a great place to eat in Adelaide. It is setting the example for our planned dream of making better use of the side streets. It is showing how good an idea that is and if each side street develops its own atmosphere and theme it will be so much better. it's the people who run the businesses who set the standard and you can see that clearly in Leigh Street. So bring on the side street development and let's have places and niches we can enjoy. The focus doesn't just have to be food. It could be energy saving, organic, arty, second hand and preloved, children's paradise, exotic... We could have a ball and Adelaide needs to be inspired that way because we respond to it so well.

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