Saturday, September 10, 2011

Typical Adelaide

You know you are in Adelaide when you are looking at everything with your Adelaide eyes. While the media are banging on about this and that, are  screeching headlines and scandal at you, you just have a bit of a chuckle and get on with your life. Adelaide doesn't have much time for scandal, sculduggery and squawking. Chook shed slapping isn't something which appeals to us. So, at times , we sit and listen to others from elsewhere making pronouncements about Adelaide or South Australia and our typical reaction is - what would they know , they don't live here.  We know about Mike Rann and Kevin Foley. We have seen Jay Weatherill and Nick Xenophon was a part of our landscape for a long time. We listen to what is being said, about Whyalla possibly being wiped off the map - the toughest town anywhere which has survived who knows what . Whyalla has a strong core and spirit. It won't be going anywhere too soon but it will have its challenges again. We were the ones who fought and fought in our own way to get the water back to Goolwa. Democracy means as citizens we have to get in there and get dirty sometimes so we get what we really want for our state. We know politicians haven't really noticed us for a while. We'll watch the news, take in the information, have a bit of a chat and then get on with whatever it is we want to get on with. We are very well informed because news travels fast here. We can correct a news story in a flash . We can get information out and we will rally around a good cause pretty quickly. Social networking and the radio keep us in the information flow and our radio will work on our behalf because Adelaide people get to the heart of things spretty quickly and ignore the electronic dressing. We also look at local very clearly. We know local is important and we will take care of it. It's times like this I love Adelaide. I like to get away from it to get a fresh look at everything but Adelaide has that real feeling of the buzzer I saw in the shop this week - the  bullsh*t buzzer. Hilarious. So us. We can buzz an alert so easily and it makes us laugh. 

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