Friday, September 16, 2011

Adelaide is faking it

I gather working for a living is becoming far too dull. Some people just like to live dangerously. The article has a link to Crimestoppers so that anyone with information can contact the police. It's not just Brighton. It was at Arndale too. If you consult the History of Australian currency site you will see that in 1996 we developed the technolgy for polymer notes which protects us from counterfeiting. The notes would be hard to reproduce. I understand that with standardised technology and software we are putting ourselves in the position that fakers can do precisely that but I'd like to think our key components for security are still using very unique  and hard to duplicate technological applications and processes. I think so. These notes were obviously picked up quickly. What bothers me the most is I never get a thought that says , Oh, I think I'll just copy our money and print it before I go shopping. A lot of time would have been spent trying to replicate our notes and probably a sizeable financial investment too. If you have the skills and money to try and replicate our notes, you probably have the skills to earn a good living. It would require a very patient person and then a risk taker. I don't understand why then those skills are put into an arena which is the path to failure. Somewhere along the line these people have lost touch with reality and that is sad.The other concern I have is whether these notes could be used in self serve machines and check outs. I'd hate to think they could be. As human being we need to be smart but our technology needs to be too. 

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