Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tariq Jahan

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This man is so inspirational. Mr. Jahan lost his son Haroon in the hit and run which occurred during the riots in England. I have said before on this blog that fathers are very powerful speakers. This man embodies everything we would want to come as a message for humanity. I am putting it here because I heard him on the news saying the world would go on and forget this. We won't. I am showing him we have listened. His son was trying to defend their neighbourhood. Mr. Jahan was trying to save someone when the hit and run occurred and then tried to give CPR to his own son when he realised his son was involved. He has then come out and spoken his truth as a resident of that area and his words are strong and clear. He is a natural leader and a person who can demonstrate in a remarkable way how you move on from the unthinkable. I can offer no words of comfort to him because his son is gone. I offer this blog post and the fact that the Guardian newspaper has also been deeply moved and offered him a poem today by Carol Ann Duffy. I hope they find whoever killed those three men. That will be of little comfort for Mr. Jahan but at least he will know. I'd also like to think we will look at the good people in all of this instead of focussing on those who  have already done so much harm. They need to be dealt with but the cream needs to rise to the top.

If the Blogger still doesn't show the video like all the others I  have posted, the link is :

I am astounded that this video is not working. Any other video I have posted on Blogger has worked and this is more important than them all. 

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