Sunday, August 07, 2011

Yes, we have bananas!

Ref Number: 04-29-57

Photo: Ian Britton  

"Then you'll be getting back to normal numbers. That's my point of view anyway."
Mr Singh says the bananas are small, and any other year, would be thrown out rather than sold.
But he says these are desperate times.
They may well be small but they are our bananas!! There was a big reaction in the lunch room on Friday when one of our staff walked in eating a real banana. She laughed. "But it's only small!" It didn't matter. It had made us so happy to see someone eat a banana. Little things mean a lot in Australia and we run on bananas. 15 dollars a kilo has been far too much and 8 dollars for the over ripe ones. We have survived on mandarines, apples, pears and the occasional orange. The oranges have been good. Instead of banana cake and muffins we have been making apple cake, orange cake, lemon poppy seed cake...but we have missed our bananas. it is great news to hear they are starting to come back. It will not be easy for the Queenslanders. Those areas were totally damaged in a ferocious way to the extent some people will never go back there to live. That could mean a labour shortage. Maybe seasonal workers will take it on but our banana industry has been a constant in our lives so we shall need reliable workers. No one would blame people for leaving the areas. The floods and Yasi were so disturbing and heart breaking and yet, as you can see from this article, there are people who are willing to put their feet back on the ground and start all over and that Nature helps to give them hope. When I do buy my first bananas I shall be thinking of these amazing people and our amazing country and shall gratefully eat my banana muffin. Banana chips are just not the same. 

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