Friday, August 05, 2011

Hit and run

"They didn't do anything and just stood there for a good four or five more seconds and then floored it."

Alex is in a lot of pain and trouble this morning because thieves stole his car and tried to run him down with it. My heart goes out to him because he is learning a hard lesson but we need to get our heads straight about this. If someone stole my child, would I be out on the street running after them? Yes.  Alex is 19 and his car would be so important to him and his pride and joy. It would be gutting for him to know someone was stealing it. He would be out there trying to do something. In my 20s someone tried to steal my car in my driveway. I sent the dog out before I went out there. The dog got hold of him by the wrist and the rest was a police matter. It is not ego. Those were thieves stealing his property but they were also prepared to run him down so they are killers. They were prepared to run his own car into him and yes, he is lucky to be alive. At that point I join the police and his parents in a lecture that says no car is worth your life. It is better to ring the police from inside the house. It is better to try and get mobile pictures. We need a list of things we can do that will help us feel as though we are not just being useless. I think we also need to be clear that anyone who steal and harms is wrong. They are the ones with the ego problem because they think they are above the law and more important than anyone. No respect for property and no respect for human life. This is the part of Adelaide which really needs to be fixed. 

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