Saturday, August 27, 2011

Apples ain't apples

Image:  Kathryn Hedges Pics4learning

There is understandably some real debate going on in Adelaide about Australia importing NZ apples. Our orange market has been attacked and undermined by the use of fruit concentrate. Trying to get real orange juice made from real, locally produced oranges is a daily problem. Buy them and juice them yourselves is the answer but we used to thrive on our own orange juice. Ditto pineapple juice with the pineapples from Queensland. Adelaide has really good apples and very solid apple growers. The thought of NZ apples coming into Australia and with it competition for our own produce and then the threat of things like Fire Blight is disturbing to us all. We know how things can easily get out of hand with infections and pests here.It is why we have to throw our fruit out at border crossing. It's a hot issue. We'll deal with having imports if we have to but we'll do it our way. We'll support our own growers and we'll buy our fruit because we believe in local produce. It is the carbon friendly way and it the best way for nutrition. Past that point I can tell you there is no competition. When I have been in New Calendonia they have to import our apples and apples form New Zealand. There is no comparison. Our apples sell faster and they are just so delicious. I know we will be wanting to support NZ because of the earthquake in NZ. I know we are finding ways to help them keep positive and cover the costs but I also think we can do that differently. Our bananas in Queensland are protected and we pay top dollar to support Queensland farmers when they hit the wall. We are proud to support them and thank heavens that bananas are less than ten dollars a kilo now. Well - Adelaide apples are just as much in need of protection as are Adelaide oranges and apricots. I buy local fresh food because it is fresh and carbon efficient. What do you do?

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