Monday, June 13, 2011

Volcanic Ash

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Same story, different venue. The news is the news and it just shifts around the globe. So now we have thousands of people stranded by volcanic ash coming from Chile. People cannot get in and out of New Zealand (what has NZ done to deserve one crisis after another ???) We can't get to New Zealand or around the country and it's our long weekend so a lot of people have taken the opportunity to go interstate for concerts or visiting friends and relatives. The timing is incredible. It means a lot of people will be out of pocket and a lot of people will be stressed because what would have been an easy trip is now a nightmare if you have children , a job or health issues for yourself or someone else. Travel insurance will help but not everyone thinks of that or considers it because it would have been a quick trip and now look! Somehow it will be the fault of the travellers. We need a high speed train. We need a TGV or equivalent because we need an alternative to flying. Flying is starting to be a pain and we are constantly being played for suckers. We have to do it all ourselves or be ready to be insulted. Service is a thing of the past and it's buyer beware for anything. So a high speed train would take the edge off flying mishaps big and small which are increasingly more frequent. An alternative would offer a reasonable chance for these people to get home. Australia is big enough to warrant a high speed train. Get the planes out of  the sky and we would be saving a heap of carbon emissions too.

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