Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Troops in Afghanistan

The Defence Force chief has hit back at growing calls for the withdrawal of Australian troops from Afghanistan after announcing the fourth death of an Australian in the past two weeks.

No, we cannot see the point in this constant loss of young life. It is happening too often and it is hurting us and the families who belong to these soldiers. Why would you condone and accept the loss of young men? We cannot see that it is worth it but perhaps we cannot see the picture. All we see is a constant parade of images of lovely young men from our country and from other countries who are now not with us and we feel for their families. Unless someone can make it blatantly clear to us there is a really good reason for these men being dead, then we won't want to see it continue. I guess the turning point was the soldier who was shot in his own camp and in the back. That was a totally needless and unnecessary loss of life. If insurgents are that gutless then they are not even worth fighting and losing good lives over. Air Chief Marshal Houston seems to think we are making good progress and he would probably know better than we do because it is his job. We need convincing because it would have to be a very good reason to get us to accept our young men dying on such a regular basis. We are not stupid. We know it is a war and that it means loss of life. We know we have lost fewer than other countries. That is not the point. We want to know why we should support it because it has been going on and on and we cannot see any difference. If Air Chief Houston can see a difference and if the soldeirs can see a difference then they need to explain it to us so we understand. At the moment we are very sad for the families who continue to lose their sons, husbands, brothers and friends in Afghanistan. 

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