Sunday, June 19, 2011

Not so EzyReg

I didn't actually object to the not so EzyReg changes which were coming in . I don't usually go down to the motor vehicles department to get my registration done . I hated removing and replacing the stickers. I just thought it would be hard if for some reason you didn't get the letter and then could not easily check online. Since yesterday, I am beginning to think not so EzyReg is not a good idea for South Australia. I got my letter which was claiming I had a 24 hour service now to register. I plumped for the phone option. The 1300 number. Silly me . It said my credit card number was wrong. Thinking it was a glitch I rang again. Same deal from the synthetic voice. My card number was wrong. Telco 1  Me 0. I had already been out and had I known I could have done the BPay at the post office. There is no personal B Pay option...and come to think of it, my council didn't offer the B Pay option for my dog registration either. Why not? Why can't I do BPay myself like I do with my other bills? I didn't want to wait till Monday because they have put the fear of God into us about our registration. Police cars can now check your registration currency and issue an expiation notice if you are not registered. I  now adopt the cynical view it is entrapment for the purposes of revenue raising. I then had to go online. EzyReg had bullied me online when I make a personal choice of NOT paying for things online. They had no right to do that. Check the phone option is working and offer us personal BPay. That is reasonable. So I was reluctantly on their online site and all was going tickedy boo until I got to the print screen. The receipt would not print. I had the number but you have to attach the receipt to your registration papers...what a waste of paper and I don't think it is a good idea to carry registration papers in the car. I decided to do a screen shot of my receipt and loaded it up in an image program and found I could print it from there. As I was doing that it occurred to me I was doing someone else's job who was neither being paid nor employed . If it were a job the person would have been aware the phone option was useless as was the print function. This is why we employ people. They can trouble shoot. I resolved it all but EzyReg it is not and it is hardly fair to implement a system which has high penalties if you do not comply but a whole series of unnecessary obstacles when you are trying to comply. Worse - I am doing someone's job and they might have a family to feed and they are currently unemployed. Last year when I registered my car , I rang up and had a really nice person to talk to and it was all done and dusted within 5 minutes and my registration was there the next day. Superb service and superb customer relations. What a difference.

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