Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mothers' Day/Bonne fête des mères

"But it was the time of the war and people who had guns used to rape the women. There was no safety so we had to leave my crops and my family."
Isha, her husband Seid Hussein and their children fled to nearby Kenya and spent eight years in four refugee camps.

The news is full of humbling stories today of women who have mothered the homeless or children who have no families and then stories like this one of Isha Munya, a refugee who has quite a story to tell, and who is finally reunited with a daughter she hasn't seen for 19 years and whose mother is still in a refugee camp waiting. She has had to make that awful decision of saving some of her children. One of her daughters was born in a refugee camp but she had a miscarriage and lost twins in those unsanitary , awful conditions and her husband was in another refugee camp. Her mother is waiting for a visa to be processed. So Isha Munya, who came here in 1998, is still waiting to unite her family , and they been through the hideous refugee camp ordeal because she  wanted to keep her family safe.  She appears to have accomplished all of that with remarkable dignity and strength and we have a lot to learn from her. I am glad we could help her be such a good mother. 

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