Monday, May 16, 2011

Adelaide women happiest in Australia

However, it is in South Australia where the nation's healthiest and happiest women reside, according to the research.
The state's residents are an unstressed bunch and are 27 per cent less likely to have high blood pressure than other Aussies.

The survey covered 25, 000 people.  We are pretty happy in South Australia and the women here are generally very positive and hard working. We like to laugh, we like to relax and we like to be doing. Sushi walks out of the shops here and women are always seen checking the fruit and veggies carefully. Our children tend to eat nutritious food because we like cooking and we make it easy on ourselves by sharing recipes and finding produce at a good price. It is always a topic of conversation. Our lunchboxes tend to be salads and yoghourt and our dinners are often stir fries , soups and salads and fish . We eat a lot of good quality fresh produce and are keen to make our meals look and taste nice. Adelaide women aren't frightened to consult dieticians nor to go to fitness classes. Yoga and walking are popular and then most young girls play team sports or swim.We cannot take ourselves too seriously because other women are onto us and will cheer us up and keep us confident. That's the key , I think. Adelaide women have a confidence in doing new things and when they are not sure then they know someone will always help out. Adelaide is a good place to be because we can develop our skills and interests in our own way and in our own time. There are always ideas and support and there is a relaxed pace and calming words if we over stretch ourselves.

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