Sunday, April 10, 2011

World Class Aquatics Centre for Adelaide

Photo: Michael Marschall / Adelaide Now

Klim described the centre as "the perfect facility" after a few laps. "This is just superb, it feels very fast and the water is so crisp and clear," he said.

It is just fantastic to have the thumbs up from Michael Klim for our new aquatics centre  because we have watched it develop with a growing sense of excitement. I keep meaning to get a photo of it because I have been driving past it regularly and we were so delighted when the lettering finally went up on it the other week. Might seem silly to you , but Adelaide started to realise we were going to have something big, decent and "awesome" as we watched it grow and it has given us a real sense of pride. Obviously these sorts of things are important to us. It may be bright blue with orange bits but it looks really cool and has been located at Marion where so many of us see it, can appreciate it and will use it. Not sure how they will go with the parking because Marion is creaking under the strain of parking. It is a hugely popular shopping centre. It's located in the suburbs so there is not a lot of land to acquire for extra parking. Luckily Marion is  easily accessible by bus and train...and when they put the trains back on to Noarlunga it will be even more accessible!! We have needed this. Our swimming facilities have not been able to keep up with the population growth and Marion is 20 mins from the city , 10 minutes from Glenelg and so this swimming centre will serve us well.

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