Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Drink Driving

POLICE have arrested a woman for allegedly driving while six times over the legal blood-alcohol limit. 

She was arrested at lunch time in a suburban area. It doesn't say whether they know how long she had been behind the wheel of the car. It is a bit odd to be that drunk by lunch time on a Tuesday. It tends to suggest she hadn't stopped drinking from the night or day before. She has lost her licence for a year, had her car impounded for a month and has been charged. My concern is we actually now have a prime time to get her help. She may not think she needs help and we may think she doesn't deserve help, but the truth is, she has a real problem and given she has been caught this is a good opportunity to require her to undergo some form of helpful treatment to get her back on a good path before she gets her licence back. The law has to take a supportive role as well as a punitive one. She will otherwise probably have no chance of getting over whatever it is is making her drink this much during the day time. Only this morning someone was on the radio saying we had finally made a bit of an inroad into binge drinking and drinking issues and there was plenty of information now to help parents play a more active role in stopping their children from drinking too young. This woman is no child so she really needs some practical help because she may have children. Whether it works or not is another issue. We cannot save everyone but we can at least try when we have the chance.

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