Sunday, March 06, 2011

Lamb prices soar

"Back then you could buy a roast for $15 to $25, now they're talking it could get up to $60 for a leg-of-lamb roast, which will put it out of a lot of people's reach," Mr Bailey said.

Good news for our sheep farmers who have been doing it tough through the drought and low prices for lamb. A lot of our sheep farmers went into producing other things to make a living. We were only talking last night that a leg of lamb would cost $60 dollars and here it is in the news today and I am glad because I don't think people really believed me. At Christmas the legs of lamb were very expensive but I still got one. It will now be a luxury food for special occasions whereas, in the past, it has always been an Australian staple hallmark food. There will now be a new generation , new staple food for Australians and I wonder what that will be? The roast lamb will be gone.  As we talked we more or less decided it wasn't really a problem for us because we has all gone off the need to eat lamb other than in an occasional stir fry. Love stir fried lamb with mangoes!! The sheep farmers who have stayed with their sheep are now rewarded for their perseverance and the market will manage the new high cost in its own way.

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