Friday, March 18, 2011


One thing is quite clear from the Japan crisis. The world is full of problem solving ideas and is concerned not enough practical support has been generated to avert the current situation. They also believe that this is way too much and the number of disasters has reached saturation point and we can't keep living like this.

Not all of the ideas are immediately practicable, but here are some good ones for future reference - like building and using robots which could go into unstable nuclear plants and help rectify matters on the inside. Then there have been the ideas of using cruise ships as temporary accommodation which has led to the notion we actually need mobile disaster accommodation which we can get around the world to any place which needs to quickly house the homeless. We also need generators. People are wondering why we haven't sent generators into Japan to help them get the reactors stabilised. They have lost electricity and cannot pump water into the plants. So we have wondered if we have no such generators which could help. We need them. We need to design and build emergency generators if we have none.

There is also a widespread concern now that nuclear energy is not the way to go and it will take quite some convincing to get the general population to believe it will be an alternative. We are now thinking renewable energy even though we are not sure how that would deliver sufficient energy to millions of people. Nuclear plants are now seen as a horrible threat to us and our planet. There hasn't been that one thought for us that will settle our fears and make us believe it is okay.

So now, we are still watching and we are still thinking up ideas of how Japan can be helped. The planet has been very compassionate and practical and none of these thoughts or ideas should be lost. Nor should Japan feel lost. We are trying with all our might to hold it up with our thoughts and wonder where the real help is and what the hold up could be.

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