Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fukushima Reactor

 Photo: AFP;JiJi Press

TimeOutTokyo tweeted: "Concerning the reactor meltdown, government asks Japanese population not to panic, saying the problem is contained within the facility."

I should like to think this is the case. Given some people have been saying nuclear reactors are the short term answer  to carbon emissions then we have to be able to manage nuclear reactors in a world which is constantly shifting. This is certainly the case in the Pacific Rim at the moment. Nuclear power can only be the answer if we can manage it safely. Japan has quite a huge problem on its hands and I'd say they have enough to deal with without having a nuclear meltdown.I heard on the news this morning there are a number of real experts working on this and that the global village is working hard to find solutions. If Japan can keep its nuclear reactors safe and steady and if they can manage this dire nuclear reactor threat , then I can honestly say we are pretty awesome as human beings. Providing any kind of energy is posing a problem in areas which are now becoming damaged by one disaster after another. Shifts are happening and it took a lot of shifts to create the land masses we now inhabit.We may actually have to rethink how we are populating the planet and how we are managing our living conditions because we have built cities and areas assuming they will stay still and dry.It will test our thinking capabilities if we can get ourselves out of this and the people of Japan are now  facing some really harsh times. We are thinking of them.

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