Thursday, March 24, 2011

Equity for women in parliament

Commissioner Broderick will promote the importance of women's representation in leadership and decision making roles across the community, government and business, with a particular focus on Indigenous women. This will include promoting and facilitating opportunities for women to have their voices heard at a national, regional and international level. The Commissioner will also encourage dialogue between Indigenous women and corporate Australia.

We reached a new low  for women in politics yesterday .The good news is that most women have just ignored it and got on with the good job they continue to do . We are just not going to be happy until we get a proper man leading the country and the states because we are living in a country which denigrates and denies women in politics , particularly  when they operate competently at at the top. There are always suggestions of far superior people for the role and they are always men. Finally, we have a woman Prime Minister and she has been working her bottom off and since Christmas  and has had no break because she was there dealing with  the floods. No one could work out we had sufficient knowledge in this country to promote a good carbon debate if those who knew it all would actually contribute. No use my saying 5 dollars a tonne suits me...I don't pollute, I am not an owner of a polluting business and I do not know what a reasonable price would be. Professor Garnaut has finally come out with some valid ideas. Carbon tax is the first step to the carbon emission trading scheme which appears to be better. It is  the one Julia Gillard offered first but had to change because we had a hung parliament and she wished to form government. That seems to have been lost. Circumstance meant she had to change her approach. So all we have had by way of debate is she said, she said, she said...yet we have a whole nation of experts who could contribute to some pretty damn good ideas on how to deal with carbon emissions and taxes What? Share ideas...she said...she said...Julia Gillard is constantly heckled in parliament every time she speaks and it is men's voices you hear. When she put a speech for International  Women's Day on You Tube the only comments there called her a bitch and were vindictive. Yesterday's carbon protest - honestly, juvenile, we can do better than that - had vindictive banners. There's the #ditchthebitch hashtag on Twitter and there are frequent comments about her hair colour, her nose and this constant calling her a bitch is becoming intolerable. She is not incompetent but she does not have a psychologically safe work place to work in as the rest of us are entitled to and we live in a nation where our women leaders are insulted in a crude fashion when other people in the world can see their worth. Anna Bligh's astounding and laudable performance for her state under the constant emergency and horrific conditions is reduced to "Good job the floods saved her reputation." No one realises leadership is what she did and what she is doing. Maybe she too was being vilified before the floods and that is why she was deemed incompetent when clearly she is not. Wait until you see how glad people are they have a proper man doing the job in New South Wales as premier. We live in a country where girls and women have no right to perform and do well at the top..because they should just be ditched since they clearly are not able to do the job properly. That is all that is ever said about women at the top.There are laws in this country. I am entitled to a safe and respectful workplace which gives me equity. It is clear that women politicians have no such right and are subjected to constant undignified harassment. Constant.

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