Thursday, February 17, 2011

Stressed Adelaide Drivers

More people in Adelaide are hooked on driving to and from work (67 per cent compared to the national average of 63 per cent) and fewer use public transport.

I got seriously beeped on Tuesday because I turned off a main road across the lights then had to slow down to get into   the driveway for a furniture shop. I cut no one off. They were cross I had slowed down. Stupid me for wanting to do what I visit a furniture store. Then there was the car which backed out of its driveway and parked across the road blocking me and everyone else until it was able to leave on the other side other the road...on a quiet suburban street. 3rd time this week. Some drivers are stressed because they ARE stressed. They do whatever they want and the rules are for others. Some drivers are stressed because they are being bullied by the ones who run their own pull out of a side street and turn into the lane right in front of you because they can. 

Other drivers are stressed because of the bottle necking on the South Road and trying to drive from North to South...or get past MacLaren Vale. We have some very poor road conditions in certain spots . Unley Road can hold you up if people want to turn off it. Many of our roads are too narrow for the volume of traffic.  Then you have the issue which is brought up in this article and the speed you actually travel at over a given distance is a crawl. Why have a good car? Traffic moves so much more freely in Melbourne especially and Sydney.

Then we have the small matter of public transport. It just doesn't match our needs. It doesn't cover all areas very well and the frequency of buses and trains can leave a lot to be desired especially if you are travelling before 9 and after 3. Some places you cannot really get to. It's silly. Embarrassing. Annoying. Then , there are the great ideas like taking out a major train line for 6 months.That has put more traffic on the roads and flared tempers that is for sure. A 20 minute easy trip is now a complete pain.

I didn't mention the one way Expressway which then changes direction. Only in Adelaide.

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