Wednesday, February 09, 2011

No trains for Adelaide's South

The Noarlunga train line not only services Noarlunga but people from Seaford, Moana, Willunga and those other suburbs which are in the deep south. People drive their car to Noarlunga and catch the train to town for work or leisure. There is no service which runs from Noarlunga for 6 months .It starts at Oaklands which is half way to town. They are upgrading the track. New sleepers apparently. 6 months of train service. There appear to be a lot of buses. You see plenty of them of Brighton Road and plenty coming into the interchange. The bus trip to Oaklands station would be about 25 mins down the Expressway if it is running in the right direction. The buses leave to coincide with the trains at Oaklands and so perhaps are up to half an hour out either way from the trains people would normally catch from Noarlunga. It doesn't seem to be working. People tried it yesterday and today the roads were carrying a lot more traffic, few cars were parked for pick ups at Noarlunga at the end of the working day and a lot of the buses were empty or half empty. They have tried to cover it with buses but this isn't working for people. 6 months is a long time for alternative arrangements for work when people are working all sorts of hours in Adelaide. Putting the cars on the road is upping congestions and pollution and taking money away from public transport. Adelaide is a city which forces you to have a car in order to work and that is wrong. Sydney repairs train lines in the middle of the night. Only in Adelaide would they shut a major train line down for 6 months. It's unsound environmentally and it is putting a lot of pressure on people. Yes, some need to accept some change in order to get the improvements but this is already putting pressure on. If we throw the traffic out and cause congestion it means even more people will be arriving late or not able to negotiate travel times as they usually do. There has to be a better way and I am hoping Oaklands to Adelaide won't be changed for the second half of the year.

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