Sunday, February 06, 2011

Glenelg to get marina

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"We went to the market to see how to attract quality 
shops and we needed a drawcard to help," he said.

I'd love to see all this development go ahead. They redeveloped Glenelg and then somehow it has just stalled and you can see signs of shops being run down and the momentum having been lost. So many people here like Glenelg. So many people who visit Adelaide like Glenelg so we have to go to this next step and redevelop it properly into something it is now capable  of being. There is a huge interest in boats and the ocean there and around SA in general. Cycling and boating. It would be fantastic to get a ferry back to KI because it is a haul down to Cape Jervis, as lovely as it is. I used to love watching the ferry go out in the morning from Glenelg when we had one. It would get us more up there with places like Sydney but not spoil who we are. A marina has an ambience and attraction of its own and it would create a good place with some interest to be. If we are then going to have a good quality hotel and some high quality shops then that would add to the attraction and set Glenelg up as a unique place to be in Adelaide. Look at this  idea closely and develop it properly. Time to move on!

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