Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fringe audiences down

"The Fringe doesn't seem to have really got going. I have never spruiked before on the streets of Adelaide, but I believe it has to be done."

According to this article , the Fringe audiences are down. That may not be so surprising. We have come though a summer of catastrophic floods in Queensland and Victoria, fires in WA and then Yasi. It will impact on us because our families and friends were under threat and we may have given our money to those causes. Now we have the earthquake in Christchurch and that too is affecting us because it is our sister city. We might need a good night out at the Fringe but the relaxed Adelaide spirit isn't there and the weather isn't helping. The humidity which we don't normally get is affecting people and they just want to be air conditioned all the time. Then there is the small matter of the Noarlunga train line being taken out for 6 months. Some are driving to Oaklands and creating chaos there and some are driving to Tonsley. All of this is putting extra time onto our working day and then extra logistical management. The Noarlunga train line services a huge and very populated area of Adelaide which would normally hop on a train to town. We are virtually grounded because taking a car into town from here isn't workable because it becomes a nuisance looking for a park. Parking it elsewhere is not easy. The train line is a major corridor to get a lot of people into the city from the south and it has always made that easy. So I'd say we are just too flat and pooped to get out again.

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