Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake

It is so difficult watching what is going on in Christchurch knowing they just have to battle away over there in that lovely city and are still suffering aftershocks and the threat of more buildings tumbling and crumbling. NZ makes you feel like one of the family when you are there and I have spent a lot of time on the south island. I know these places. A lot of Adelaide people do. It is our sister city. I heard on the news on the way home that Mike Rann had organised some of our police to go over there. I have seen nothing about that on the Net or the TV news. I think that's a good starting gesture. Sam Wills from Christchurch is also performing here for the Fringe festival so he has organised a benefit performance for the 27th.It is the sort of thing we can do as a sister city. Christchurch is going to need ongoing support through this critical time and then the rebuilding. Adelaide ought o be able to be a place that can offer some comfort and constant support through however long it takes to get them back on their feet. I feel awful for them because they cannot even have a shower or use a toilet properly. All these things we take for granted in the civilised world. We now have places which are making people rough it in a very tough way. I heard there is some seismic activity around Rangiora. Again, another place I know. The south island of New Zealand is very rural , beautiful and laid back. Kiwi casual. The people take care of you and allow you to be a part of their family. In certain respects the New Zealanders should be the only ones reporting on this because they ARE family and will want to sort this out in their own way. They have inner resources and a stability of spirit which is rattled right now, but their  intrinsic common sense and capacity just to do what has to be done will keep them strong. Their media is very thorough and will cover it well and know when to just leave them alone. It is fantastic we could send over the NSW rescue people because it is really tough trying to search and find your family. You need some trusted friends to help you out and keep you strong. Our police will be the same. They will just fit in and do what needs to be done and take the strain off a bit. No easy answers, no quick remedies just a lot of back breaking and heart breaking work at the moment. The Mayor of Christchurch is doing a superb job of keeping morale high and the approach level headed. Bob Parker is a good front man . The New Zealanders will be appreciating the help which is offered and they will not forget it. In Adelaide we are quietly thinking of the people in Christchurch. We don't want  them to lose heart. I heard they may have gone back to the CTV building to try and see if they can find the people trapped there whom they think haven't survived. They have to do whatever it takes to keep their spirit strong and we have to help them.

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