Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake

Christchurch is in trouble. It was bad enough it had an earthquake in September and this one of 6.3 is supposedly an aftershock of that one but has been far more damaging. I feel so sorry for the people of Christchurch. They have lost so many people and they have seen people buried in rubble , trapped  in cars and their beautiful city just smashed and trashed. The lovely cathedral is seriously damaged. Christchurch takes a pride in keeping its history so it is awful to see it wantonly destroyed. Unthinkable that such a well cared for place has been flattened. New Zealanders have been proud custodians of history and heritage so this will cut deep. Christchurch is our sister city so I hope Adelaide will provide some special support for those people who must be feeling so insecure , frightened depressed. New Zealanders are very practical, pragmatic and down to earth so they will manage the distress and disruption well but this is so unnecessary. Vandalistic and threatening. People who have had to rent from their last earthquake are in the position of having their current home trashed too. I am glad Australia was quick to offer necessary help and support and luckily it won't take long to get there. There was also an American - NZ conference so there is help from that too.Japan , whose people have always seemed to have felt a special connection with NZ has been quick to offer support as well. All this will be of comfort and it is an indication of how well Christchurch has looked after so many tourists.  I have been to Christchurch. The people are so kind , gentle and generous. No one will care this is unfair. I do. They don't deserve it. My thoughts are with them.

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