Monday, February 28, 2011

Carbon Tax

We should be talking about carbon emissions and we need to do our homework even though it has been on our agenda for quite some time. There was considerable pressure for this to be reconsidered when we found ourselves with a hung parliament. The matter of a carbon tax and our dealing with carbon emissions had been blocked going through the senate and then when it came to the hung parliament there seemed to be an urgency about this issue as one we needed to resolve. We do. Our contribution to Wikipedia is laughable. No one would take us seriously with what is under our heading. Petty nonsense and no real discussion of what our carbon emission approach has been - right back to the Kyoto Protocol. That aside, we have started to have some good debate and some interesting discussions and have started to move away from the stuff and nonsense. We need to deal in facts and information. We need to look at the issues.In any good democratic decision making model I have been involved in , all parties and points of view have been listened to carefully and respectfully. People who wish to make a valid point need to be heard properly and the information needs to have a sound basis. Then in any good democratic decision making model I have been party to our first step has been to agree to something in principal. If we think reducing green house gases is a good thing, if we think reducing CO2 emissions is a good thing, then let's agree to that and I thought we had..and then yes, let's thrash out the detail for ourselves. We need to work out what we want as a nation and what will work for us. We also need to be aware there may well be vested interest and those arguments need to be examined with caution. It is important for us to look at implications and there are sufficient other countries for us to learn from who have either done plenty to reduce carbon emissions or nothing really for us to be able to see what kind of legacy we would like to leave behind us and how we wish to address what is going on in our patch of the sky. Keep it rolling. Just keep the debate going because for once we are getting everything out there so we can look at it and that is a good thing.

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