Monday, February 14, 2011

Australia will get wetter and wetter

Photographer: Ian Britton
"[There] might be a change to levels of where infrastructure is built or bridges. It might be a different sort of material that is used, it might be looking at a different route entirely so that is beginning to be factored in."

Well, if we are going to think like that, I vote for canals. They will make good use of the copious amounts of water which are being predicated for us, they will help shift goods around our huge expanse of land and they will provide a lifestyle that I think some Australians would really enjoy. Canals. Think canals , people. This is all predicated on the crystal ball gazing of climate models.  Articles like this make me wonder. It seems as though permanent weather changes for the worse and climate extremes are now a given. So much so, we are now planning for these extremes. They are now a fait accompli. So what happened with the climate change model we could change this? If we thought lean and green we'd restore the climate balance? Why is it now an insoluble problem we we have to deal with. Why is it no longer possible to act to correct the climate extremes. People keep saying it is our fault and we need to mend our ways. There is nothing in the article which suggests we can do anything to avoid weather extremes. Why can't we? Why are we not able to put our thinking and action in restoring climate harmony and ecological stability?

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