Monday, January 03, 2011

Alarming Apple iPhones

It was the second time in just a few months the alarm function on the phone failed to activate correctly,...

Well, they are not alarming actually. The alarms are not functioning on these fancy gadgets. Not good enough. People pay top dollar for gadgets which fail in the most basic ways.  Basic. The faults with gadgets such as these is that they are built as gadgets, marketed as gadgets and do not have the reliability of a bone fide piece of equipment. Time is money these days and being on time is credibility so a faulty alarm is hitting peole in the most basic way. I keep using that word basic. Yes, get the basics right and stop the stuff and nonsense. There is NOTHING wrong with reliability. I know my daughter's iPod touch had decided to set itself off to play all day on New Year's Day. It's nonsense, just nonsense. Is it a case of any news coverage is good?

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