Sunday, December 19, 2010

Shopping with Gen Y

I rarely get a chance to shop with my daughter because we are both working and she does odd shifts. In recent times ,though, we have had a couple of days out around the shops and it has been a real eye opener for me...and businesses are going to need to remain very visible to access the gen Y market. If she cannot find a shop she automatically gets her phone out ,goes on Google , looks up the address and then goes onto Google maps to locate it and the easiest way to get there.It is just normal for her. If she wants something for lunch and is looking for a particular type of cuisine , she's go on her phone again, locates the nearest cafe/ restaurant and it is all as easy as. The latest trip was to get her new DVD player/recorder. While she is talking to the salesman she has her phone out again trying to find out if the player is multi region  because that is an issue in our home. We buy DVDs from every where and we have a right to be able to play them when we get back home. She'll check best prices, get product reviews , find the website of the company and then have a pretty solid conversation about what she is buying. The only shop which has ever been able to match her skills is JB-HIFI who are very used to this approach in dealing with you as a customer and who then provide very current information about what they are selling and more than happy to look up things on their computers or phones. The best one , though,was when we thought we had got on the wrong ferry in Sydney so she messaged her friend in NSW to look up the ferry timetable for us and, because the friend knew Sydney so well, could advise us that we were indeed going the right way even though we had an unexpected trip to Mosman before we got back to Circular Quay.All in a day's texting. Gotta love gen Y. They have it all at their fingertips.

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