Saturday, December 11, 2010

Robot Nurses

The robots will draw drugs and other medical goods from central stores, package them and then deliver them to nursing stations while also delivering meals to patients' rooms.

So these new whizz bang robots are going to collect medical suppies and at the same time deliver meals to patients?! Really? I don't think so. Collecting while they are delivering is a big ask, even for a robot. The article says this is to make savings on non essential nursing staff. I should have thought supplying correct medication in a hospital would have been essential and I don't think meals are normally delivered by nurses, but never the less it is essential to feed patients and for some patients it is critical they receive the correct meals. We are not impressed. Robots might be a great gimmick at this stage. They might even be able to do some tasks in a new millennium hospital, but supplying medication ought not to be one of the tasks nor delivering food. too easy to make mistakes. If the medication and medical supplies are delivered to the nursing station and the nurses then deliver meals, then that is probably going to save money. Why would we want to employ people? So how much money is the current RAH site going to fetch and who is clapping their hands? Done deal and on unsafe soil...probably will need robot patients too. Maybe it's me. Maybe I have read this all wrongly...but a group of us were horrified by this news item today.

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