Friday, December 31, 2010

Queensland Floods

The ABC has just run a very good, current story on the Queensland floods which has prompted me to come on here to write about it. It's not fire and so it doesn't necessarily get the same reaction as a catastrophic fire event. Nevertheless, these floods are destroying homes, cutting off towns, isolating people, damaging crops and livestock and creating a great deal of homelessness. The Queenslanders are hanging in there and both Anna Bligh and Julia Gillard are there where they should be trying to relay information and keep things moving. It is not something you can just quickly manage. The floods are going to worsen before they improve and Rockhampton is the next place in the line of  bursting rivers. The news coverage was excellent because it was factual and informative.We need all the the water we can get, that is for sure, but because this water is inundating homes , critical towns and then farms ,we need to do everything we can to let Queensland know it is not on its own. The floods are as bad as any major bush fire and they are stretching resources and people to their limit. Compulsory evacuations are not popular, but the authorities are looking at saving lives and so what has to be done , has to be done. Queensland needs to know we are thinking about them. We are just not planning our New Year celebration with no thought of them. We are thinking about how hard they  are doing it. Australia needs to remember we are a small country but we tend to like to get on with things. It is important that Queensland ask for help before they are stretched to breaking point. It is important that the Queenslanders can tell us what they need and know we shall get it to them. So many Queenslanders have had to leave their homes and find temporary accommodation. So many Queenslanders are giving up their time and skills to help in a  devastating situation. This is damaging now and will continue on because it is massive inundation of huge areas. We need to be ready to give help when help is needed . We are thinking of you and  the fact your New Year may not be happy today...

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