Sunday, December 05, 2010

Preparing for Christmas

Well, we are well on the way. I finished all the decorations today and I have made my Noel cakes..a sure sign Christmas is close! I really love decorating my house and a couple of houses in our street have gone all out with the outside decorations so that is giving a nice festive feel to our area .We want festive. We want things to look nice and be nice. Bunnings was packed again today with people getting things for their gardens and for Christmas. Other shops are busy, busy ,busy and that is good.My creation out the back is coming along and I can't wait to put the finishing touches to it next weekend. It has been a work in progress and I have enjoyed doing it that way. We have been working in the garden and some gardens are just looking so neat and beautiful. We have been fortunate to have nice weather and rain. I think this Christmas will be one where we appreciate who we are and our friends and families. It is nice to be on the Net but face time is starting to be far more valued and rightly so. Real people are invaluable . So, now I have my decorations up it is on with the cooking and presents!

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