Thursday, December 02, 2010

Longboarders arrested

The arrest of the three men comes after two men were fined for riding their longboards through the Heysen Tunnels a fortnight ago.
They were clocked at 90km/h as they did two runs through the tunnels at 2am.

I understand they cannot do this because it is occurring on our roads. They cannot skateboard on roads because they can't. If anything were to go wrong they would be seriously injured because they are travelling on roads where there are cars and trucks. I feel sorry for them, though. They obviously take the time and trouble to dress properly. They obviously have some real skills and they have nowhere to show that they can do something like this. Have we got anywhere where they can ride their skateboards to this level of expertise?  Cysclists have cycle tracks and cars have roads. What do these high speed skateboarders have? They must be very strong and fit. They actually need to be helped and supported because they are doing something which is very skillful and is healthy. They are just doing it in the wrong place. Our problem is that we have sanctioned sports and non sanctioned sports. We need to look at this and maybe consider how to allow people to practise a sport like this to such a high level. We have speed skaters. We have skiers. We need places like ski slopes but for skate boarders.

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